The Faculty of Philology in conjunction with Partners Group SK is organising an extracurricular training cycle of 3 consecutive seminars (at about 1.5-hour duration each). The possibility is geared at third and fourth year students in marketing, management and business-related majors, such as ‘Linguistics and Business Administration’ and ‘Linguistics and Marketing’. The possibility is also open to students from similar majors at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences who have academic background in the field. The training will be conducted in English.

The topics would be as follows: 

  1. The World is Changing – What megatrends affect the labour market? What will be the most in-demand and best-paid skills of the future? How to get a head start? 
  2. Finances and Investing – Why is high income not a guarantee of wealth? How to protect your earned money from inflation? Retirement is not a matter of age and why should I care now? 
  3. Business and management – How to achieve your goals? Why planning makes life easier and how to deal with time-management? 

At the end, participants will receive a certificate of completion of the educational cycle.  

The training leader is Ms Daniela Suchoňová who is a Team Manager at Partners Group SK ( and a specialist in the field. She is a trainer with years of valuable experience. In her own words: After graduating from two universities and studying abroad, I realized the discrepancy between my ideas and the reality of the labour market. Despite studying intensively, I still lacked key skills to live the life I wanted. After 10 years of experience in finance and management at Partners, I am happy that I do what I enjoy and at the same time I can constantly develop and fulfil my own goals. Today, my greatest joy is to build a team in Slovakia and Bulgaria and, together with my colleagues, help clients achieve their financial goals.  

The venue for the training is the American Corner in the New Campus of PU, floor 5, the west wing.

In order to enroll, fill in the attached form by 30 October and indicate your preferred time slot for each of the days 7, 8 and 9 November.

Registration deadline 30 October 2023.